About Us

And have been since 2004

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide Web Developers with really awesome, fairly priced, Web Hosting Services, as well as, high-performance Virtual Private Servers exclusively running on top of a SmartOS hypervisor.

How Come I've Never Heard of You Before?

We keep a low-profile and do very little marketing or advertising. Every now and then someone will discover us, mostly locally here in Columbus, OH, and both parties will benefit. A very large portion of our customers have been with us since the very beginning, and the word of mouth does the rest.
It's been enough to keep us busy and happy.

What is vRocket?

vRocket is a Peconi Group, LLC company. For the longest time we've been known as Peconi Hosting, but in 2015 we decided to rebrand a little bit, therefore, vRocket! Peconi Group, LLC is a web development, consulting and web hosting company that has been in continuous operation since July 2004. As such, we are actually a real US-based (and Ohio raised) LLC (not operating out of someone's basement), offering a handful of interesting services mostly to web developers and people who are OK with our DIY Support Model. If you know what you're doing and just need compute you're at the right place!

Who's Joyent?

Joyent is an awesome, and quite large, Cloud Infrastructure provider from San Francisco. They are also the creators of SmartOS, a UNIX based hypervisor, built for standing up robust, lean, and secure cloud infrastructures. We love Joyent and SmartOS, and are therefore quite happy to mention them left and right on our site. Also, since we cater to developers, once your app gets big enough, you may want to consider hosting it @ Joyent if our infrastructure proves too small. After all, we probably cannot host next Twitter, but Joyent on the other hand, can, and DID at one point.

Who's WOW!Business?

WOW!Business is our Internet Service Provider, our Partner, and a provider of our Colocation services. All of the vRocket infrastructure is running at WOW's Columbus, Ohio Datacenter. Yes, we are single homed into one datacenter location, but for what we are trying to accomplish, as well as thanks to quality of services provided by WOW!Business, we're as happy and confident as we could be. 100% uptime during the past 4 years speaks for itself.

What's Project-Fifo?

We're glad you asked! Project-Fifo is absolutely amazing, open-source, SmartOS Cloud Orchestration platform. Developed by Heinz N. Gies a.k.a Licenser. In short: it is super fast, highly available, feature-full platform we use as the underpinning of our whole SmartVPS infrastructure. Want to experience it? Launch a SmartVPS and then head here to manage it.

What's this DIY Support Model?

We try to distinguish ourselves with having really fair pricing model. The only way we found to do this was to have customers who actually know what they're doing. Most hosting companies spend their money on taking care of support tickets. Not us. We have none, and offer no support other than a promise and goal of keeping the infrastructure up and running 100% of the time. You may read more about it if you're interested.

I Have More Questions

Cool. Please head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
If you cannot find the answer there, or just don't feel like reading through, drop us a note via our Contact page.