Is the data center completely owned by you or do you co-locate?

Most hosting companies do not own their own datacenters. This is even the case with big-name companies out there like GoGrid, RackSpace and DigitalOcean. Like them, we rent colo space for our servers. Our datacenter of choice is WOW!Business Tier 2 Datacenter in Columbus, Ohio.

Where are you located?

Our company is born and raised (and incorporated) in Columbus, Ohio. Our infrastructure is colo'd in WOW!Business Datacenter @ 226 5th Street in Columbus, Ohio.

What are the core services you offer?

We've designed our services around web developer needs. We offer Shared cPanel Hosting for hosting simpler quick-turnaround Business and Personal web sites. Our "bread and butter," so to speak, are vRocket Smart Virtual Private Servers (SmartVPS's), which are extremely high performance, zSSD-backed, virtual machines with full root access.

What virtualization technologies do you use?

Our underlying hypervisor is SmartOS, and as a Type-1 Hypervisor all systems spun up on it are also SmartOS (Zones). It, however, does support KVM running on top, therefore we also offer Linux (and FreeBSD) machines running in KVM on top of a SmartOS Zone. It's absolutely the best, secure and high-performance way to run KVM, period. Want to find out more about SmartOS? Check out our post on docs.vRocket.io.

In short, why choose VirtualRocket versus someone else?

We're in it for the pure love of creating awesome, high-performance, high-availability hosting platforms. All the profit from this venture goes back into running and expanding it, as no one (including the owner) is paid for the work they do. You may read more About Us here to get a better understanding of this unique setup we have. Also - our prices are extremely competitive, dare we say - outright ridiculously low? To boot - you actually do get the performance, and we are not really all that known (or utilized) so you should really feel the breeze going through your hair (if you have any) when your machines are up and running.

What's the Catch-22? Everyone has it.

We do as well, though most of our clients find it a positive catch, not a negative one. We operate on a DIY Support Model. In short, this means that we'll make sure the hosts and machines are up and running 100% of the time, however, you (the end user) are ultimately responsible for everything above that. This works great for keeping costs down and keeping our prices really low, and since we cater to developers - who are usually the type of people who generally know what they're doing - it's kind-of a win-win.

What is the policy on "SPAM" / "unsolicited emails"?

Please, take a look at our Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy / End User License Agreement for more information on this. In short, as it has become a common practice amongst hosting providers, we do not allow any outgoing mail from our systems. Shared cPanel Hosting Customers are allowed to send out emails at a fair rate-limit which would deter a spammer, but not a regular user. vRocket SmartVPS's and all other systems are automatically blocked from sending any emails. You may open a ticket to request an exception, which we'll grant with all valid requests, or you may sign up for a service like SendGrid (which is highly recommended, as they are very reliable and allow 12,000 sent emails per month, FREE of charge).

Do you offer dedicated IPs?

Of course. All vRocket SmartVPS's come with a single, dedicated, IPv4 IP Address included, and anyone who needs a Dedicated IP on our Shared cPanel Hosting accounts can obtain one for $3/mo.

Do you offer hosted DNS?

Yes, free of charge. Shared cPanel accounts include this within the cPanel portal itself (as DNS features tightly integrate with all cPanel functions). If you purchase a domain name (or transfer one), we offer free DNS hosting for those as well. Soon, we will also offer hosting for domains not purchased through us, but that's scheduled for Q1, 2016.

Do you support IPv6?

Almost! IPv6 will be fully implemented in September/October of 2015. Stay tuned!

Do you sell cPanel Licensing?

Yep! If you wish to host a full cPanel install on one of our vRocket SmartVPS's, we can be a one-stop-shop for both the VPS as well as cPanel Licensing. The price is just $16/mo (for VPS cPanel License).

Can you assist with website migrations?

If you're coming from an existing cPanel server, we most likely can assist you as cPanel automates this process greatly. All we would need is your old server IP address and your account (or root) username and password. Outside of that we would not be able to assist with any other types of migration as we simply do not have the time.

What is your policy on TOR?

You will be responsible for the sub-users that connect to your TOR service. If there is abuse that is a result of your sub-users, we do not have a way to tell the difference, so it will be as if your account was abusive. This will get flagged by our backend and lead to your account being suspended and virtual servers destroyed.

We do not recommend running open services where any user can connect and possibly be abusive, as it will all fall under your account and can lead to service interruptions for you.

We also do not restrict the installation of software, but you are responsible for how it is used and how freely available you make the service.

Do you allow TOR exit nodes?

Although we do not specifically disallow TOR exit nodes, as the account holder you are responsible for all the traffic going through your SmartVPS (including traffic that an exit node may generate). All violations of our Terms of Service must be addressed as soon as possible after any issue is emailed to you.

Also be aware that we do not allow some of the traffic types that come out of a typical TOR exit node (torrents, spam, ssh probes, hacking attempts, botnets, ddos, etc).

If you are unable to stop this sort of traffic, please reconsider running a TOR exit node as it may lead to your account suspension or termination.


Why is what you offer better than, say, DigitalOcean, GoGrid, Linode, or RackSpace?

The price is right, and you get more resource-wise for less that with most other providers. Performance is epic as we only use High-GHz Intel Xeon 6-core and 10-core CPUs, and our ZFS-backed Storage speedy SSD drives is as fast as it is reliable. Hosts connect via multiple 10Gbit NICs, we have multi-gigabit uplinks to the Internet, and every single SmartVPS comes with a Gigabit port. With plans starting at just $4/mo to boot! That pretty much sums it up.

What is the maximum configuration for a VPS?

We cater to developers, so most of the machines they deploy fall into 2GB to 8GB of RAM bucket. We can, however, deploy VM's with up to 24 vCPUs and up to 32GB of RAM. At times we may need a day or two of lead time to procure the hardware (as we purchase it when needed). Due to this, for much larger VM's than usual, we may require a longer time-commitment, versus the usual month-to-month agreement. We also partner with our ISP (WOW!Business) and through their Cloud Infrastructure as a Service we can provide VM's as large as 24 vCPUs, 256GB of RAM, up to 64TB of storage, and up to 10 x 10Gbit NICs per VM. Those guys rock, and are really great for production-type workloads.

What's the redundancy and high availability like?

As we do not utilize hypervisors with with Live vMotion capabilities (like HyperV or VMware), we cannot offer instant VM recovery. In case of a full host failure, your VM would be down until we fix the underlying host. These can be restored onto any other host right away. As we cater to developers, risk of a single host going down should be tolerable though we'll do all in our power to minimize the chances of this happening. We are fully redundant in all other aspects (power, UPS, RAIDZ, network switches, firewalls, Internet uplinks, etc.).

What a heck is zSSD?

Our SmartVPS platform runs on Joyent SmartOS hypervisor. As an underlying storage File System, we utilize ZFS (of course). Our pools are built with very high-speed 15K SAS Drives, which are fronted with 1.2TB worth of really fast SSD's. ZFS + SSD = zSSD, but to really "grok" it - spin up a SmartVPS and see for yourself. It's really fast as we provide more SSD cache than a single node requires to store all customer machines running on it. The idea is that 98.5% of our data served either out of RAM or SSD!

How much is a vCore?

Good question. CPU's come in all shapes and sizes (as well as speeds). We utilize only Intel Xeon CPU's, however, they can range anywhere form 2.6GHz to 2.93GHz (the more common variety we use). You may think of our vCore as a regular Intel Xeon CPU @ 2GHz. To make everyone's experience fair: if a host has 2.93GHz CPU's, one vCore would give you (at a minimum) about 68% of the physical CPU core (or about 2GHz of compute), though it can burst up to a full speed of a single physical core if there are resources available. This concept of Elastic Compute Unit is very similar to what other providers do as well (like Amazon, etc.)


Why is your shared hosting offer better than anyone else's?

That's a good question, especially considering that there are literally tens of thousands of hosting providers offering hosted cPanel services. We differentiate ourselves by providing extremely well performing, highly-available cPanel infrastructure. We do not use single-point-of-failure dedicated servers, rather, all of our cPanel servers run inside high-performing virtual machines. Storage is 100% SSD-backed, and resources we offer are absolutely plentiful. We do not suffer from Noisy Neighbor syndrome, as our finely-tuned CloudLinux OS takes care of that issue. Lastly - at the very edge of our infrastructure we have a pair of PaloAlto's which inspect 100% of all content going in and out of our network, keeping you safe from DDoS, viruses, BotNets, Trojans, and more!

Are cPanel backups really free?

Yep! All of our cPanel accounts come with automatic 7 x Daily, 4 x Weekly and 1 x Monthly backup, free of charge. We offer 1 FREE restore request per month, with every subsequent request charged at $10/request. This way we can keep the service operational, while not requiring any up-front costs. Cool, huh?


Where do I log in to manage my account and open support tickets, etc.?

Main Customer Portal is: https://my.vRocket.io (Billing and Support)
Fifo SmartVPS Portal is: https://fifo.vRocket.io
vRocket Docs (How-To's): http://docs.vRocket.io
Your cPanel Shared Hosting logins are in that specific welcome email, as your server is specific to your account.
For Example: https://cp-01.vRocket.io/cpanel is our first shared cPanel server.

How do I open a support ticket?

First, make sure you understand our DIY Support Model. If opening a ticket still makes sense, you may log into our main vRocket Portal (http://my.vRocket.io), or simply send us an email from an address matching the one on your account to support [ at ] vrocket.io. If an address you are emailing us from does not match the email address on your account, we most likely won't even reply. Security and all. No social engineering here!